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Richards Wind Sensors In a Category Of Its Own.



Manufacturing The Finest Industrial Sensors Since 1938!


Richards High Speed C5 Industrial Anemometer

The Arklay S. Richards Co., Inc. has been manufacturing industrial sensors since 1938. We take great pride in producing high quality sensors for all types of applications. If you are measuring the temperature of molten copper with one of our molten metal thermocouples or the wind speed of a hurricane with one of our high speed industrial C5 anemometers, you can always rely on the superior quality and durability of all our products.

The Richards C5 high speed Industrial Anemometer and D5 Wind Direction Vane were both created for use in high winds, low temperatures, and harsh marine applications. The C5 Anemometer has been wind tunnel tested up to 230 MPH! Wind tunnel tests are important but nothing can replace real world conditions. This is why we also continually field test our wind sensors in remote locations with the most severe weather possible.

Mt. Washington is located in the state of New Hampshire and is the home of the most severe weather on earth. The highest wind speed ever recorded of 231 MPH occurred on the summit of this mountain. The summit of Mt. Washington is one of our primary testing grounds for fine tuning our sensor designs. Our C5 Anemometers and D5 Wind Direction vanes have survived -55 degree temperatures, punishing wind speeds of well over 100 MPH, and heavy rime ice conditions on this mountain. You can see many pictures and videos on this site of some of our anemometers and wind vanes in action on the summit.

The Richards C5 Anemometers and D5 Wind Direction Vanes superior performance is produced by a heavy duty, hardened stainless steel shaft, rotating on two of our specially designed double shielded stainless steel ball bearings. These bearings insure maximum durability, performance and a long service life.

Richards wind sensors have many unique features which allow them to survive high wind speeds. We also have added features to make routine maintenance quicker with less sensor down time. One feature is that both bearings can be changed in minutes without removing the sensor from its mount or removing the instrument cable! This feature can save thousands of dollars in down time.

All Richards C5 Series Anemometers and D5 Series Wind Wanes come standard with our quick disconnect mounting system. This allows the anemometer or wind vane to be removed in seconds if required. The quick disconnect mount also allows the wind vane to easily be aligned to True North during initial setup. Wind sensors can also be ordered with optional 3/4" Male NPT Pipe Thread mounts.

Take one look and we are sure you will agree, the Richards C5 High Speed Anemometer and D5 Wind Direction Vane are simply the finest most durable wind sensors made.



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